FV Marine 02 SET

Marine O2 Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) System

Reduce loss and liability with a waterproof and rugged first aid system on wheels. The rugged and conveniently organized Marine O2 SET system comes with the First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and prepakaged supplies color-coded by trauma, and a light-weight oxygen tank; everything you need to safely address any first aid emergency in a marine environment! Meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI first aid compliance standards, and comply with OSHA Recommended First Aid Best Practices with the Marine O2 SET System!

First Voice Marine O2 SET System includes:

  • First Voice EID "first aid calculator"; 3-year warranty
  • 7 color-coded zipper bags
  • Prepackaged supplies matching color-coded buttons on the EID
  • First Voice Responder's Handbook (140+ pages)
  • Pull-tight seal system to show "ready to run" status
  • First aid report pad
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Clean Up Kit
  • AmpuSave
  • Inventory refill checklist including expiration dates
  • Emergency Information Questionnaires for handoff to EMTs
  • Extra supplies bag (band aids, wipes, tweezers, scissors, penlight, antibiotic ointment and more) for any minor first aid incidents
  • Light-weight oxygen tank; 40-minute capacity
  • Extra room for an AED
Price: $1259.00


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